DJ Profile: Jamie from VA

I am seeking my artistic medium.

Have you DJed before?

Never! I visited a friend in the college DJ booth once, it was cool.

Why are you a DJ now?

To lose myself in music and stay connected to an arts centered community.

How would you describe your show?

I play mostly jazz, reggae, and ambient/experimental music. I also dabble in classic rock and outlaw country.

How do you assemble a show?

On the fly! I’ll transfer some records or cds during the week to play something fresh, not really a theme based show. There have been plenty of times I haven’t prepared at all, full on winging it.

What's your favorite thing about DJing on Gutsy Radio?

Sharing my music collection gives it life, and searching for new music is a joyful pursuit.

What is a favorite show of yours in the Gutsy Radio archive?

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Why do you like this show?

Jazz heavy!

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