Decentralized community radio featuring music, talk, performance, and experiments broadcast LIVE from around the United States



May Marathon Starts Now!

Today we are beginning our May Marathon to raise $2,000 in funds to pay for half our annual operating expenses. All donations go directly to paying for our broadcasting service and required music licensing.

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Fresh Spring Merch

Head to our shop for colorful tees, bandanas (which make great picnic cloths) and drinkware. Shout out to Roy in NC for creating the new collection! All purchases go towards supporting the station!


New Show! Ian in NY

Catch Ian every other Sunday from 10 AM to 12 PM ET to hear mostly new music, new old favorites you've never heard before, and deep dives into dark and weird corners of the musical world.


New Show! Karla in NM

Catch Karla once a month on Sundays at 12PM ET to hear a varied mix of folk, country, spoken word, rock, krautrock, and emo rock.


New Show! Sarah in CA

Catch Sarah's show, the Side Woo, once a month on Wednesdays at 11PM ET to hear a mix of songs, pre-recorded interviews and live talking.

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About / FAQs

Gutsy Radio is a decentralized community radio station featuring music, talk, performance, and experiments broadcast live from around the United States. Each program is curated solely by its DJ, host, or performer. We present an eclectic and exciting variety of ad-free shows every evening.

Gutsy Radio is non-profit and ad free, funded by our community of broadcasters and listeners. If you enjoy what we do, please consider making a donation.

How Do I Contact You?

You can reach us via email at You can also connect via Discord. Or on Facebook or Instagram. And if you would like to leave a message, call us on the Gutsy Radio hotline at 410-989-5070.

I want to DJ. Are You Interested?

Yes. We are interested in an eclectic mix of programming which could include music specialty shows, live performance, spoken word, talk, or experiments. Shows are generally 2 hours and weekly, but if the show or person is right we will consider different formats.

To apply/request a show, please fill out this form. You'll hear from us soon after you submit your information. And if you have any questions, please contact via one of the methods noted above.

Do You Take Requests?

Possibly. Each DJ decides for themselves. You are welcome to request something via our Discord channel or email—

Will You Play My Band On Air?

All music decisions are entirely up to individual DJs, however, we are always on the hunt for new music. Send us an email introducing yourself and/or your band with links to stream your music online (Spotify, Bandcamp, etc). Also provide a link to download your mp3’s if DJs are interested. We're excited to meet you and hear your projects!

How do you pay for the expenses of running a radio station?

We are a 501(C)3 non-profit and rely on donations from listeners, broadcasters and friends of the station for our funding. We run a very lean operation and all of our management and DJs are volunteers. If you like what we do, please consider making a donation. Your generosity keeps ad-free, independent, and freeform radio alive. THANK YOU!

How to Listen

Listen On Our Website

Listen via the website player on the Gutsy Radio home page. Click the Play button to start streaming.

Listen On Our IOS App

Download the Gutsy Radio app for iOS.

Website Player Missing?

If the website player does not load, you can always listen to Gutsy Radio via our live feed:

Privacy Policy

When connecting to our radio stream, your IP address will be sent to our radio service provider in order for us to track listening trends and provide licensing bodies with royalty reports. Once our service provider receives your IP it is immediately anonymised, deleted and becomes untraceable. This data is never sold on or passed to other companies. For iOS Apps The Gutsy Radio iOS App does not collect any user data when installed or launched on your device. For Android Apps The Gutsy Radio Android App does not collect any user data during use. In order to provide audio control during Phone App use, the App will monitor the 'state' of the phone App (Idle, in call, call ended) if applicable on your device. At no point will the App be able to listen in or derive phone numbers or data. The Android App also requires access to local storage. This is to store its configuration for faster launch times.

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