DJ Profile: Fredo from CA

I'm Fredo and I'm a f@g who loves music.

Have you DJed before?

I have never DJed before, but I used to make mixtapes for friends.

Why are you a DJ now?

I'm DJing now because my friend, Roy, asked me to try it out and I've been trying for the past 3 years.

How would you describe your show?

I'd say my show is pretty gay, pretty eclectic, and pretty pretty.

How do you assemble a show?

For my sets, I like to establish a theme—songs that make me cry, songs for an orgy, songs for a Scorpio, et al—and select songs from my music collection that fit said theme. It's sort of like an art school assignment prompt.

What's your favorite thing about DJing on Gutsy Radio?

My favorite thing about DJing on Gutsy Radio is flirting with the other DJs who are dads on Discord. Shout out RP!

What is a favorite show of yours in the Gutsy Radio archive?

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Why do you like this show?

Damn, I have so many favorites for so many reasons. But I think Volume 4 from the Friend Series has to be my tightest set to date. The whole Friend Series is actually amazing, so please give each set a listen—please, and thank you.

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